JBL 104 Reference monitors offer this high level of performance, even at loud playback levels. Open box (never used), Things are pretty spanking new for their age. Get the guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping on most JBL music recording equipment. On Sale. Get Pair JBL 104 Powered Studio Monitors w/Bluetooth+Headphones+Mic+Stand 104SET-BT at the best price available today. The One Series is very competitively priced - something to note in light of the minor niggles we’ve mentioned - and overall we found the One Series 104 to be a surprisingly good little monitor. Personalize Holiday Gift Guide Sale Explore JBL Our Story. Team JBL. Asking $200.00 obo. Powered 8" (20.32 cm) Two-Way Studio Monitor. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. ... JBL 104-BT Compact Reference Monitors with Bluetooth. Mojaxx reviews JBL's compact and affordable 104 studio monitors. The newly released JBL One Series 104 reference monitors will handle this particular part of your recording studio setup and a whole lot more. In contrast, the 1/8” Aux-in input on the front input overrides the rear connectors, and as you might expect, the 1/8” headphone jack cuts the audio to the speakers altogether. Buy with Confidence – Reverb Protection has you covered. JBL 104-BT Compact Desktop Reference Studio Monitors with Bluetooth. For once, I’m one step ahead of Pickford in the small studio-monitor stakes. BA1 1UA. A standard speaker cable then connects to the second (extension) speaker via spring-loaded terminal connectors. The speaker tuning also delivers plenty of midrange, ideal for balancing critical lead instruments in a mix. Trust the Transparency. 5.0 of 5 stars (21) Reviews. JBL One Series 104 (Pair) Compact Powered Desktop Reference Monitors. Value. Those JBLs were pretty compact at 361 x 224 x 282mm, but these new Series One 104s are even smaller, so the question is: can they maintain the new ’cheap is good’ philosophy carved out by their (not that much) bigger brothers? JBL One Series 104-BT Desktop Reference Monitors pricing and availability in India The JBL Professional One Series 104-BT and 104-BTW will be … Always studio kept as a backup set. At just under 10 inches high and 5 inches deep, it's compact enough to fit on even a narrow desk or be easily shuffled from room to room. $249.00 Save 20% Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Consumer Electronics. Passive. Studio Monitors. What’s more, the RCA and 1/4” jack inputs can both be used together, providing the potential to connect two sources simultaneously. The design is rear ported to improve low frequency extension. Due to the compact size, these are also a good option if you need reference monitors on the go. All rights reserved. Let's listen to the JBL One Series 104 Powered Reference Monitor ($129/pair) and find out. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Blog ... JBL 104-BT (Pair) New; Videos. I’ve already had at least one ’how can they do it for that size?’ monitor moment with the IK iLoud Micros, a couple of years back. Harman NYC store. The 104s deliver crisp highs and rich bass just as intended. You will receive a verification email shortly. They’re optimized for desktop placement, with neutral low-frequency performance. Rear inputs are sensibly labelled Master and Extension, so you can position and connect the monitors whichever way round that suits, without causing too much confusion. Put your hand around the back and you can feel the rear port doing plenty of work. With JBL 104 Reference Monitors, you’ll hear true clarity and detail, with no coloration. Our one criticism about the sonics is that the highs can be overpowering, resulting in the emphasis of sibilance. Compare … It features an oval pill-shaped enclosure with a coaxial 4.5” LF driver and integrated 0.75” tweeter positioned behind a black metal grille. Description The JBL Professional 104 Bluetooth Studio monitors draw inspiration from JBL’s legendary acoustic performance. JBL Genuine Replacement Speaker Diaphragms SS Audio Replacement Diaphragms. JBL 104 Studio Monitors (J104SET-US) Our website will be unavailable from Saturday, Oct. … See also: Site for more review articles review articles Why Should You Buy Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover, 24-Ounce Spray This is accomplished through clean, integrated 60-watt Class D amplification that … Based on a master and slave configuration, not unlike typical computer speakers, the audio inputs, integrated power supply, notched volume control and onboard Class D amplification are all accommodated on the master unit. Please refresh the page and try again. Once again, with no onboard EQ you can’t tweak this to taste. Component quality is high, and these are a durable set of speakers. We have several kinds of JBL speakers to test any other speaker against. The 1 Series 104 has a dual driver in coaxial format to reproduce all frequencies. Visit our corporate site. Loud and Clear. JBL refers to the 104-BT as reference monitors, but that could be a little misleading on a couple of points: you aren’t going to achieve the clarity and detail you’d probably like for recording and mixing music, but equally, these are not the entirely staid and sober speakers … A stylish, compact monitor that delivers decent sonics, flexible connectivity and solid build all at a very attractive price. Ideal for home recording enthusiasts, podcasters and video producers, as well as professionals seeking accurate portable reference monitors, JBL 104 s combine powerful 4.5-inch low-frequency drivers with coaxial.75-inch soft-dome tweeters, potent 60-watt amplification and innovative acoustic design to provide exceptional imaging, neutral frequency response and crisp detail in our smallest, most affordable reference monitor … The volume control is conveniently positioned on the front panel and incorporates a blue-white halo that illuminates when the speakers are powered.